I go a wonder-ing…

So here I am, starting yet another blog. Those of you who know me probably chuckle that I’m doing this… I chuckle a bit myself. But seriously, in the last month I’ve had an idea, project, thought, comment that I’ve wanted to share at LEAST once a day and I desperately desire a better way to share these ideas than just Facebook.


So, what is this blog? It’s about mommy-ing. It’s about creative-thinking. It’s about organization. It’s about God. It’s about almost anything I want it to be! Mostly it’ll probably be about way to make your parenting and/or homemaking easier, less expensive, or less stressful. It’ll be about how to entertain and teach your kids on a budget and with innovative concepts.

My goal? To keep my posts short and sweet! I really don’t want to spend more than 5-10 mins per post and plan to post 3-7 times each week.

So, in the interest of my time limit… that’s all for now folks! My first true post will arrive today or tomorrow…

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Hi, I'm Lauren. Mommy to two, nanny to two, wife, teacher, homemaker, Catholic, artist, writer, friend, sister, daughter. Here you'll find everything from updates about our family, info and advice about parenting and homemaking, or pretty much anything else I feel like writing. Welcome!