Time/Frustration Saver #1: Carseat Velcro Solution

Within the first few days of our son’s life, my husband an I discovered the amazing frustration of getting him in and out of the carseat. First of all, he hated every moment of it. Secondly, it was almost impossible to get him into the seat with any kind of ease.

The straps and buckles inevitably would collapse into the seat the moment you leaned down the put baby in.


In a moment of inspiration, my husband suggested some so simple I was amazed that the manufacturers had never thought of it: velcro!

For about $7 at Target I purchased several feet of velcro tape (which then made my husband regret his suggestion since I started using it, well, anywhere).

A pair of scissors and five minutes later, the problem was solved!


I placed the “soft” side of the velcro on each side of the chest buckle (making sure it’s placement would not interfere with the clip itself).

Then a match “rough” piece I placed on the handle bar (making sure that it was lined up so the two would attach appropriately.


And… voila!


A perfectly safe and ready-to-buckle carseat solution!



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