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DSC_5689I’m Lauren and I am (trying to be) a blogger. I’ve been trying this since, well, blogging became a thing. And, aside from the nine months of blogging I did while pregnant, I’ve failed so very miserably each time.

But… I love being a mom. And I can’t think of anything better to blog about that just that: mommyhood! I chose the name of this blog because, well, the domain name was available (haha) and because I feel like being a mom makes every woman a superhero. That’s not to say I feel like one — believe you me! — but I aspire to it. I also aspire to instill joy and wonder in my child… and all children. In addition to being entrusted to care for my own son, I also nanny three beautiful little girls. 

DSC_6052I’ve been married to an amazing man, Tim, since November 2007. We’ve had quite a ride of ups and downs, I’m not gonna lie. After trying to get pregnant for nearly two years through 2010-11, we finally sought medical help and were able to (naturally and morally) become pregnant in January of 2012. Our amazing, beautiful, perfect little boy was born after 41 LOOONNNG weeks that October… and our lives have never been the same.

We are orthodox Roman Catholics (that means we believe everything the Church teaches, not just some stuff) in Charlotte, NC. We love food and wine. We love Christ and the Holy Mass. We adore Our Blessed Mother, her mama, St. Ann (our parish’s namesake), and too many Saints to list here. We watch too much TV. Our house is never dusted or vacuumed as much as it should be. We love. We laugh. We make no apologies for our Faith. We tickle. We blow bubbles. We run around outside in the rain.

This blog was created to share advice and talk about our daily goings-ons. Yes, I’m only a mama of one. I don’t have the many years of experience that most of my mama friends have… but I parenting comes very naturally to me. I love to share ideas and experiences and though in many ways I feel completely unqualified to provide help to other mamas, I learn from myself and from others and want to share that.

If you don’t agree with my writing, that’s fine. Please know that you don’t have to read it. I’m still going to write it. If you choose to leave a comment anywhere, please keep it respectful. I won’t hesitate to delete comments I deem rude. I don’t mind friendly discussion and differences of opinion, but won’t tolerate disrespect.

Thanks for visiting! 

::in HIM::


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Hi, I'm Lauren. Mommy to two, nanny to two, wife, teacher, homemaker, Catholic, artist, writer, friend, sister, daughter. Here you'll find everything from updates about our family, info and advice about parenting and homemaking, or pretty much anything else I feel like writing. Welcome!