Lesson: Regarding Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent



I’ll be doing some brief daily activities with Henry about Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent!

Letter Focus: L for LENT

Number Focus: 14 for the Stations of the Cross

Shape Focus: Heart (crossover from the Feast of St. Valentine); we will also discuss God’s love for us

Religion Concept: Cross of Ashes



At the age my son is at, I am resisting the urge to organize these activities by day or week… we might use these all in one week, they might take us through all of Lent! That’s okay. 

Craft: Cut & paste hearts. Talk about what the heart symbolizes: love, life (blood)

Activity: Create Stations of the Cross poster to follow along with during Lent. My plan is to review these a few times each week or at least on Fridays.

Coloring: Ash Wednesday coloring page



I’ll be posting more activities throughout Lent so stay tuned!

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