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Advent Day by Day Activities

I am very thankful to Robina at Motherly Loving, who helped me and 15 friends make these beautiful Jesse Trees! You can purchase the kit here. If you are planning on making this Jesse Tree, I highly recommend doing it with a group of people (adults — this is hard work!) and dividing the work. You’ll need a long afternoon or evening (wine and snacks also recommended!) and be prepared to not finish with the group and take your stuff home to finish. It is a LOT of work but remember you only have to do it once and then you’ll have this great tradition for your family for many years to come!

As noted on each page, the reflections on the bottom are written by me, taken from an Advent booklet I wrote several years ago. Please respect my copyright and do not mass print or distribute these. If you are interested in printing rights, please email me and I’d be happy to discuss!

Day 1: Creation >> 1st Sunday of Advent
Day 2: Adam & Eve >> Monday, 1st Week of Advent
Day 3: Fall of Man >> Tuesday, 1st Week of Advent
Day 4: Noah’s Ark >> Wednesday, 1st Week of Advent
Day 5: Abraham >> Thursday, 1st Week of Advent
Day 6: Jacob’s Ladder >> Friday, 1st Week of Advent
Day 7: Joseph & the Multi-colored Coat >> Saturday, 1st Week of Advent
Day 8: Joseph’s Greatness >> 2nd Sunday of Advent
Day 9: Moses >> Monday, 2nd Week of Advent
Day 10: Burning Bush >> Tuesday, 2nd Week of Advent
Day 11: The Plagues >> Wednesday, 2nd Week of Advent
Day 12: The Parting of the Red Sea >> Thursday, 2nd Week of Advent
Day 13: Ten Commandments >> Friday, 2nd Week of Advent
Day 14: Water from the Rock >> Saturday, 2nd Week of Advent
Day 15: Samuel >> 3rd Sunday of Advent
 Day 16: David Chosen King >> Monday, 3rd Week of Advent
Day 17: David & Goliath >> Tuesday, 3rd Week of Advent
 Day 18: Solomon’s Wisdom >> Wednesday, 3rd Week of Advent
 Day 19: Elijah’s Test >>  Thursday, 3rd Week of Advent
 Day 20: Jonah & the Whale >> Friday, 3rd Week of Advent
 Day 21: Tobiah’s Journey >> Saturday, 3rd Week of Advent
 Day 22: Daniel & the Lions >> 4th Sunday of Advent
 Day 23: John the Baptist >> Monday, 4th Week of Advent*
 Day 24: Annunciation >> Tuesday, 4th Week of Advent*
 Day 25: Visitation >> Wednesday, 4th Week of Advent*
 Day 26: Joseph >> Thursday, 4th Week of Advent*
 Day 27: Journey to Bethlehem >> Friday, 4th Week of Advent*
 Day 28: Christ’s Birth >> Christmas Eve (December 24)
 Epiphany: Visit of the Magi >> Epiphany

* Due to the change that the day of the week Christmas falls on, there will be some years when days 23-27 will not be needed. Please condense these ornaments and readings into multiple days as you choose. 

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