“Diaper-Free” Baby… almost

Okay, so I’m aware that his is my 2nd post in a row regarding toilets but, oh well!

I want to share today the amazingness of potty training from infancy. Ok, I say that but the truth is I personally don’t have full success with this yet. My little man is not even 10 months old so I cannot say for sure that he will be fully potty trained in the time I’m hoping for (a year and half would be awesome… under age two is my goal).

When I first heard about the idea of potty training from birth, I thought the idea was crazy. Two of my friends who had babies a week apart from each other both tried it with amazing success: both of their first-borns were potty trained by age two! I was amazed and very interested in giving it a try.

One of these friends recommended a book that I read while I was still pregnant:


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(I borrowed a copy from my local library.)

This was a quick & easy read that allowed me to learn the basics before Henry was even born.

I tried pottying him starting when he was about 2 weeks old — with great success! Nearly every time I held him over the potty, he would poop, pee or both! However, after a few weeks, I decided to stop because while we were successfully pottying, he did NOT like it at all! He screamed bloody murder every time.

So I waited… until Henry was old enough to sit up on his own. And… voila! The potty success returned. From about 5 1/2 months until now (almost 10 months), Henry poops in the potty about 95% of the time when we’re at home. Peeing is another matter but I don’t worry about that so much. We still use diapers 100% of the time but I am confident that Henry’s comfort on the potty at such a young age is going to make transiting out of diapers so much easier (and faster!) than traditional potty training. (Not to mention, I so much more prefer wiping him after he poops on the potty, rather than cleaning up after him when he poops in a diaper.)

Here he is, sitting gleefully on the potty:


I highly recommend giving infant pottying a try! It’s very low stress and the book talks regularly about how you can be as relaxed or rigid as you want. Some parents try truly “diaper free” to catch all poops and pees. I personally work to just get the poops most of the time at home and occasionally I’ll put him on the potty when we’re out (depending on the situation). But I don’t stress at all about missing a poop (though I don’t delight in changing said diapers).

Happy pottying!!

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