Countdown to the Gender Reveal!


We are super excited that in 22 Days (!!) we’ll be finding out if our little one is a BOY or a GIRL. I believe the general consensus among family is that it is a girl but I am really not sure… and I REALLY don’t care — I’m just excited to know! Our anatomy ultrasound is the Thursday before but we’ll be letting our tech secretly write down (and hopefully print a picture) to pass along to a dear friend who will be create the balloon box for the occasion on Sunday.

We have affectionately dubbed this tiny one “Mamertius” after St. Mamertius, whose feast falls near the approximate conception date. (For the record, NO we will not be actually naming Baby this. It is for in-utero purposes only!)

We will be posting the announcement here shortly after the reveal at our party on September 13. Check back around 5:30-6 PM for the result!! 

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