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It’s been several weeks since that little pink line appeared so ridiculously fast I didn’t actually believe it. Seriously, I’ve taken dozens of pregnancy tests in my lifetime and I double checked the box to make sure that the line showing up meant I WAS pregnant. 

Because really. Two and a half years. And meds. That’s what it took for the miracle of Henry to be created. 

And then, poof. 

Two. Months. 

Two months… not of “trying”… of simply “not avoiding” (or “rolling the dice” as others might be more familiar with)…. and here we are!

I texted two of my best friends that day, before taking the test. I asked for prayers that I not freak out in hopes of being pregnant because I was ONE day late. 

I promised myself I would wait to take a test until the next morning, which is the best time of day to do so early in pregnancy. Yeah… Dollar Store pregnancy tests are WAAAY too tempting. 

Several hours later, I purchased three of those, went back home, and immediately took one. 

And then I was staring at that little pink line in shock!


Today, we told Henry he was going to be a big brother. He likes to jump on me (or anyone… or anything) and I finally decided to tell him a few hours early because it was a good way to explain why he can’t jump on Mommy anymore. 

“Mommy has a baby in her tummy… right here.” (pointing) 

Henry reached for my shirt to pull it back saying, “Let’s look!” 

We did look… but not then. Several hours later, having met up with Daddy at the doctor’s office, we were called into the ultrasound tech’s room, jellied up my belly and in less than 10 seconds, were looking at our baby on the screen…. and watching his or her little heartbeat fluttering. It never gets old. Even the tech was excited. So tiny, yet already a strong heartbeat. And moving around quite a bit. 

We’re so excited to embark on this next journey with Baby #2!



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