I am so very blessed to work full-time from home with my son while I care for two beautiful little girls!

I currently have an opening for ONE CHILD in my household.

My home provides:

  • Flexible weekday hours to fit your schedule. (Occasional weekend or evening hours possible as well.)
  •  Christian household with lots of love, learning, and fun!
  •  Trust-worthy caretaker with CPR, First Aid, AED Certification; 100% clean criminal and driving history.
  • General rule of “no screen-time” during the week. We do make exceptions to this on occasion when someone isn’t feeling well or is having a particularly bad day.
  • Educational activities including (but not limited to): arts & music, letter & number lessons, religion lessons, fine & gross motor skill development, and outdoor playtime. These activities are very small and loosely integrated. Mostly we encourage play, play and more play! 
  • Toy-filled home with less buttons and more imagination, including: trains & train tracks, real wood building blocks, fully-outfitted play kitchen, wood puzzles, musical instruments, dolls with accessories, and tons of trucks and cars! 
  •  Private Nursery for the little ones provides cozy, safe space for nap times, complete with white noise, blackout curtains, individual cribs/cots, and an 360 degree camera so I can keep an eye on everyone during naptime. Nap time is sacred in our home and I believe strongly that well-rested children equals happy, healthy children!


  • Perfect caretaker/child ratio. I never have more than four children in my care at once. This ratio is wonderful as it always me to provide one-on-one care when needed, but allows the children to acclimate to other kids and learn how to cooperate and be patient.
  • Early age potty-training, if desired. Can start around 5-6 months, once the child is sitting up on his/her own.
  • Use of Baby Connect app helps me track all of my charges’ daily activities and gives you peace of mind.



Please contact me at laurenrupar@gmail.com to inquire about my current opening.

My formal cover letter and resume can be viewed here: http://mommywonder.com/LaurenR_2016_nanny.pdf

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Hi, I'm Lauren. Mommy to two, nanny to two, wife, teacher, homemaker, Catholic, artist, writer, friend, sister, daughter. Here you'll find everything from updates about our family, info and advice about parenting and homemaking, or pretty much anything else I feel like writing. Welcome!