The Ups and Downs of Maryland

Here I am again. Desperately trying to get myself into the habit of blogging. It’s so hard because there are so many priorities in our busy lives. Sometimes I’m astounded by my fellow moms’ abilities to budget time to blog. I’ve realized, it’s just about what’s important. 

I think regularly about how I want to write about this and that and, ugh, I hate that these ideas just seem to slip away from me. 

So here I am. Again. Except, I think (I hope) that now I’m feeling a *little* more committed than in the past. My new committment: to take 15 minutes every weekday at the beginning of Oliver’s afternoon nap/Henry’s quiet time and blog. Period. No excuses. No dragging my feet. 

I can blog about whatever comes to mind. I set a timer for 15 minutes and WRITE! 

So, here I am. Okay, enough intro… I’m gonna waste my 15 minutes today at this rate!

2.5 weeks ago my family moved to Southern Maryland. No, not Annapolis. That’s not southern Maryland. Believe it or not, there’s quite a bit of Maryland below that. In fact, we’re quite a bit south of D.C. 


Don’t worry, I didn’t really realize it was there either until about two months ago. 

Moving is hard. If you’ve ever moved more than just across town, or with kids, or when you’ve lived in the same place for several years, you probably know this. I just did all three at once. Two kids, one who isn’t even mobile yet, six years in our previous house (which means we’d accumulated a LOT of stuff), and 6.5 hours away. To a place where we knew exactly NO ONE (minus our realtor who, unfortunately, is still 45 minutes away). 

I’m just starting to get my feet back under myself. 

I’m regularly bouncing between utter joy at having a beautiful home twice as big as our last and downright terror at the fact that I don’t yet have a job and, oh my goodness, we can’t even afford to pay rent! Once I *do* have a job, we’re going to be doing famously. In the meantime, it’s major penny pinching and waiting to purchase this or that because we’d like to, oh yeah, buy food this week. 

So far, my favorite things about Maryland: our larger, beautiful home and the cool real “autumn” weather. It’s also nice to only be about 1.5 hours from D.C. and a good bit of extended family. We were blessed to be able to attend our niece’s baptism last weekend which we would have otherwise missed. 

Things I do NOT like about Maryland (particularly our little corner of it): the bugs. What the what?! There are SOOOO many bugs and I’m kinda going batty over that. More on that later. Being so far away from… anything. The closest gas station is about a 5 minute drive. The closest grocery store? 20 minutes. I used to be able to walk to the grocery store in about 5 minutes. Ugh. That has been tough. 

My time is up. Here’s a few pictures to chronicle our first weeks in SoMD…

Henry in his first bedroom in Charlotte, after we were all packed!

Henry in his first bedroom in Charlotte, after we were all packed!

Oliver in his first bedroom in Charlotte, after we were all packed!

Oliver in his first bedroom in Charlotte, after we were all packed!

Moving Day

Moving Day

Our first day in the new house

Our first day in the new house



The spirits are lifted so easily on beautiful days like this… high near 70… sun shining… it’s warm enough again (finally) to wear short sleeve shirts. You can smell the joy and hope in the air. Let me bottle this so I can let it out and breathe it in when it’s skin-soaking cold in a few days or weeks (it’s too early in the season to expect this to last… not a complaint, just a fact). Close my eyes and remember this. And smile.

The spirit is willing
But the flesh is so weak

Our flesh thrives so much better in these beautiful days. But our souls learn how to thrive in all weathers. Dear Lord, help me get there.

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