The spirits are lifted so easily on beautiful days like this… high near 70… sun shining… it’s warm enough again (finally) to wear short sleeve shirts. You can smell the joy and hope in the air. Let me bottle this so I can let it out and breathe it in when it’s skin-soaking cold in a few days or weeks (it’s too early in the season to expect this to last… not a complaint, just a fact). Close my eyes and remember this. And smile.

The spirit is willing
But the flesh is so weak

Our flesh thrives so much better in these beautiful days. But our souls learn how to thrive in all weathers. Dear Lord, help me get there.

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Hi, I'm Lauren. Mommy to two, nanny to two, wife, teacher, homemaker, Catholic, artist, writer, friend, sister, daughter. Here you'll find everything from updates about our family, info and advice about parenting and homemaking, or pretty much anything else I feel like writing. Welcome!