Baby Name Pool

By popular request (seriously, I wasn’t even gonna do this) I’ve created a Baby Name Guess Pool.

Please fill out the form below to make your guesses! All names (first and middle) need to be selected from the following. These are all names we considered for this baby (however briefly — some were literally, “How about this?” “Eww, no.”) The actual first and middle names are on this image! Name will be revealed when baby is born. 

Additionally, if you’d like to guess baby’s birthday and stats, you may. For reference:

… baby is a BOY (just in case you didn’t know).

… my “official” due date is February 5, 2016. 

… Henry was born 9 days late (I was induced 8 days past my due date). 

… Henry was born at 6:45 PM. 

… Henry weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces and was 21 inches long

… Only the names are required… the rest is up to you! 

… I make no guarantees that I will tally these answers after baby is born. If anyone guesses the correct first and middle names, I’ll post that on Facebook and give you the kudos you deserve. That’s all. If you guessed more than that correctly, you’re welcome to post saying you did so and take the credit you deserve. 


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