Advent Day 23: John the Baptist

Ornament: Sandal

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Bible Passage: Luke 1:5-25, 57-80

Full passages & coloring pages posted at a later date.


“You are my hope, O LORD; my trust,
O God, from my youth. On you I depend from birth;
from my mother’s womb you are my strength. ”

– Psalm 71:5-6

The Bible teaches us that God is the One on whom we should always depend. He gives us hope and strength in times of joy, pain or sorrow! He has loved us from the first moment of our existence when we were smaller than the eye could see and growing safely inside our mother’s womb. God keeps us safe and wants more than anything for us to love Him and love each other. By doing so, we can hope to join Him in Heaven one day!

Just as the little children gathered around Jesus and begged to be hugged by Him, so we should desire to love God and devote ourselves to Him with all that we are.

Dear Jesus,

I love You so much and I know You love me, too.

I am so thankful to have You as my Savior, You are such a loving and wonderful God! I desire to love and worship You in all I do all the rest of my life.


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