19 Weeks + Gender Guess Poll!


We’re currently 18 weeks, 6 days (19 weeks, rounding) and chugging along. In general, I feel good! Baby is moving regularly now… I feel him/her more and more each day. 

Today we had our anatomy ultrasound which checks for all sorts of things: presence of all major organs (brain, kidneys, stomach, heart — with four working valves, spine, etc.) It also gives us the opportunity to discover the sex of the baby! We asked our ultrasound tech to secretly take a picture (while we looked away) and label it for the gender reveal party we’re hosting this coming Sunday… yay! Our tech was super nice (and fell in love with Henry) and said she didn’t have trouble determining the gender, which was a concern of mine. 

Henry was also very excited about seeing the baby. When asked if he thinks the baby is a boy or a girl, he has always responded “a boy.” Although there have been times when I’ve asked if he thinks he’s going to have a brother or a sister and he says “sister”… hmmm… 

What do YOU think? We’ll be revealing at 5 PM at our party on Sunday and I’ll be posting the reveal picture(s) directly after. In the meantime, take our poll!

Do you think Baby "Mamertius" (Baby Rupar #2) is a BOY or a GIRL?

  • BOY (62%, 8 Votes)
  • GIRL (38%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 13

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